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March 25, 2021

Episode 37 - Never Too Late to Make Changes!

Episode 37 - Never Too Late to Make Changes!

Courtney, owner of Formfit, joins us to chat about making changes, one step at a time, while stacking good habits can lead to long term changes!

Episode 37 - Never Too Late to Make Changes!

Courtney, owner of FormFit, is back to chat with Jozlyn & Nikki about self-care tips and shares ways to make tiny changes, in small ways throughout the day, that add up & create the best and healthiest version of you!  It is never too late to make changes to be your best self!  Of course all the usual everyday Chaos too! Cheers!

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Courtney owner of FormFit

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Jozlyn-former on-air radio personalty, turned wannabe podcaster who is a wife to the Man Babe, boy mom, dog mom, loves to workout, drink coffee (& vodka) and reads books in her spare time
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Nikki- former "bar stool thrower" who has a real job, a girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer and loves rollercoasters, True Crime tv, and margaritas.
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Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka.  Cheers!  Jozlyn & Nikki

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Courtney McManus

Founder of Form Fit

Host of Raising Healthy Humans podcast and Owner of FormFit