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June 08, 2023

S 4 | EP 131 - Representation Matters | Creative Chaos

We all want to be seen and our experiences to be validated. Representation is a deeply personal issue and our we discuss how it affected us growing up and how we hope things continue to change for the better. Join us as we have this very needed conversation and perhaps you can continue, or start, to have this discussion with those in your life.

June 01, 2023

S4, EP 130 - The Art of Creative Dad Chaos | Adam Flaherty & Marc Checket

It's a Full House! Our 3 moms, Joz, Angela, and Gaby chat with 2 dads and hosts of Modern Dadhood Podcast - Adam Flaherty & Marc Checket. We talk all about the chaos that is parenting and why is so important to start having in-depth conversations about fatherhood. Life is all about perspectives, make sure to look beyond yours.

May 25, 2023

S 4 | EP 129 - Boys Night! | Creative Chaos

Frankie & Lloyd get the pod all to themselves and CHAOS ensues! Well, not exactly but they do get into some pretty deep chats. BEWARE: Men talking about their feelings ahead!

Bonus Episode

May 18, 2023

S 4, Ep 128 - Audio Gems | Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle has entered the chat! Jodi is a Voice Over artist, musician, podcast host, and so much more. After working in computer sales, SEO, and Marketing, Jodi found her way into VO and has achieved incredible success working for companies and brands we have all heard of. This is a conversation you won't want to miss!

May 11, 2023

S 4 | EP 127 - You're Your Own Roadblock | Creative Chaos

We get deep in our feelings with this one as we discuss, among many things, self-acceptance and the idea that often times we sabotage ourselves by getting in the way of our goals. How do we deal with the part of our personality which deliberately interferes with our own success?

Bonus Episode

May 04, 2023

S 4, Ep 126 - The Shanny Pants Show & Chaos | Shannon Peyton

ShannyPants is back! Shannon Payton is a content creator and podcaster who has generated many viral moments as she shares her humor throughout her social media platforms. This time around, we talk all about her new podcast, current chaos, and how her socials got hacked and how this unfortunate event impacted her life. You don't want to miss this one.

April 27, 2023

S 4, EP 125 - Bonus: Personality Test Part 2

Some people have a great personality, while others... Well, the point is that everyone has an innate set of qualities that forms their distinctive character. In an effort to dig deeper about the "stuff" that makes us, we took a personality test to identify our own personal set of traits, how it affects how we navigate the world, and approach not only our VO career, but also dating and other aspects of our lives.

Bonus Episode

April 27, 2023

S 4, EP 124 - Bonus: Personality Test Part 1 | Creative Chaos

Relaunch from Pod merger! Bonus : Part 1 Personality Test - In the first part of this two-part series, Jozlyn, Gaby, and Lloyd go into their discoveries after taking the 16personalities test. Was the test accurate? Were there...

April 20, 2023

S 4, Ep 123 - Cultivating, Curating, Connecting Brands | CXG Brett Langolf

What exactly is Content Socialization? Wanna learn more? Well, join us as Joz and Gaby chat with Brett Langolf. Brett is the CEO of Content Experience Group (CXG). A marketing firm that specializes in film and digital content production and platform-centric experiences that tell a client's story and connect people to organizations and brands. All this and a generous serving of Chaos make for an exciting listening experience.

April 13, 2023

S4, Ep 122 - Bonus: Consistency is Key | Creative Chaos

You've taken many classes, and purchased all the equipment. You put in the work and recorded your very first voiceover demo. What now? What happens next?! Realizing this is a long game and learning how to move forward while being patient and consistent is the very first step. Join us as we discuss our personal experiences and so much more!

Bonus Episode

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Nikki (Stitches)

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Former "bar stool thrower" who has a grown-up job, now podcaster...who is girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer, loves True Crime TV, rollercoasters & Margaritas!

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Angela Cortez

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Former Award Winning Radio host turned Podcast Co-host and working VO Artist.
This single mom loves spending time with her growing teen and family.
Angela is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to travel and explore wherever she goes. She also enjoys attending concerts and music festivals in her free time

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Frankie Says Lines

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An actor currently residing in Los Angeles who is inspired by music, fashion, and film. He has been obsessed with pop culture and entertainment since childhood. On any given day, you can find him watching YouTube travel videos making a list of all the places he wants to visit

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Podcast Co-host, Art/social media director, voice actor, random nomad, wife, mom, creative with a love and passion for animation and singing.

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Jozlyn Rocki


Podcast Host, Voice & On-Camera Actor, former On-Air radio personality, wife, boy mom, dog mom, who loves to workout, drink coffee (& vodka), palm trees and thinks everyday should end with an amazing sunset.