Trevor Tolley

Lead Investigator for Rogues Hallow Paranormal Society

Special Guest Pods

Episode 45 - All Bets On Red

May 20, 2021

Medium Missy & Trevor Tolley join us to chat about what it is like to be a married couple, where on is a Psychic Medium and the other is a Lead Investigator for Rogues Hollow Paranormal Society & Reiki Master.

Special Guest Pods

Episode 36 - Paranormal Chaos

March 18, 2021

Episode 36 - Paranormal Chaos Trevor & crew from Rogues Hollow Paranormal Society join us tonight for an interesting behind the scenes take of paranormal activity & share what it is like to be on a paranormal investigative team. Join us for an arm hair raising & maybe a shiver up your spine con…

Guest: Trevor Tolley