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Kim Sholinder

Kim is a settler teacher, counselor, and mental health advocate living with her husband and dog on the Songhees and Esquimalt land in Victoria, BC, Canada. Kim has been a teacher in mainstream and alternative education settings for the past 10 years. Kim uses a trauma informed approach to working with youth and their families, and hopes to inspire other educators to do the same! Kim has run both educational and therapeutic programs and workshops for youth in a multitude of settings. From mainstream kindergarten to grade 12 classrooms, youth in custody, inpatient addictions treatment, and high-risk youth experiencing suicidal ideation. Kim is passionate about creating meaningful connection and community for students in all classrooms and increasing teacher awareness of trauma informed practices and mental health. Kim has a blog and podcast dedicated to supporting teachers trying to understand Trauma informed Practice and building meaningful relationships with students.

Episode 98 - Contemporary Educators Unite! | Kim Sholinder host of Teach. Emote. Repeat. The Contemporary Educator's Podcast

May 12, 2022

Kim Sholinder, Host of Teach, Emote, Repeat - The Contemporary Educators podcast is here to share Chaos and Conversation about thinking outside the box with Education, kids, parents and teachers today!

Guest: Kim Sholinder