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Jian Wertz

Independent Film Director & Podcaster

Filmmaker Jia Wertz pursues stories that explore the conflict between institutional systems and individuals victimized by those institutions in the name of protecting the social order. She is currently investigating the vagaries and inconsistencies of the American Criminal Justice system through the story of Jeffrey Deskovic and other exonerees to have their freedom restored at the cost of irreparable damage to their minds, relationships and families.

In addition, Jia is a featured writer for Forbes, Co-host of the Speaking of Crime podcast, and the Founder and fashion designer of Studio 15.

Jia is from Calgary, Alberta and currently lives in New York City with her husband and son. She is a graduate of New York Film Academy. “Conviction” is her award-winning debut film.

Special Guest Pods

Episode 49 - The Ladies & True Crime

June 17, 2021

Jia Wertz, Documentary & Filmmaker, who produced & directed the film CONVICTION, chats with us about her first film & going from Fashion to True Crime. Plus all the usual & everyday Chaos!

Guest: Jian Wertz