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Jeremy Norrie

Independent Documentary & Film Director

Jeremy Norrie
Podcast/Radio/TV/Film/ClubHouse etc.

Areas of Experience (Professional)
• Director/Producer of Independent Documentary Films for Amazon, FOX & CBS streaming platforms
• Former Concert/Event Promoter from small private/public events internationally to large 30k person multiple day festivals in California
• Formerly in the Cannabis Industry doing growing, concentrate & hash making, international journalism and almost every other possible aspect of cannabis industry
• Formerly a journalist for MMA websites (MMAWeekly, SherDog, and MMA-Fighter) discussing UFC and other combat sports

Areas of Experience (Personal)
• adversity, trauma, & dealing w/anxiety
• bullying, predators and being a victim
• relationships, treating women better
• partying, drugs and balance vs recovery

Other knowledge
• prowrestling
• combat sports
• movies (sci-fi action mystery thriller)
• television (sitcom & above)

Awards (Cannabis)
1st : Best Concentrate - Dab City
1st : Best Product - HTCC 2009
2nd : Best Product - HTCC Bay Area 2012

Awards (Filmmaking)
“Aliens v.s BigFoot”
1st Place Best Director - Vesuvius International Film Festival (March 2021 - Italy)

“Don’t Call Me BigFoot”
Finalist - Spring Ding Film Festival (2021 - Washington USA)

“Other Side of the Ring”
Finalist - Vesuvius International Film Festival (March 2021 - Italy)
Semi-Finalist - Best Director Awards (2021 - UK)
Quarter Finalist - Lift-Off Sessions (2021 - UK)

Most of my other films have been Official Selections at various other film festivals, some currently screening, but no official awards for any others just yet.

I lived a wild and crazy rockstar like life and love to share my unique experiences from being on the ground level during the rise of both MMA/UFC to the Cannabis Industry. There were all kinds of close calls with danger but also big achievements as well as the wisdom learned from the negative and positive parts of that journey both personally and professionally.

Now I am making films for Amazon, FOX & CBS among other streaming platforms where we get to tell stories about all kinds of topics. All of our films are from a serious open minded perspective, and there is an ongoing theme of overcoming adversity, helping people and personal struggles.

Special Guest Pods

Episode 55 - Big Foot, Cannabis, UFO's...Oh My!

July 22, 2021

This episode we chat with Jeremy Norrie, Director & Producer of SkyIsland Storytelling, and pretty much cover it all from Big Foot to UFO's, to UFC to Cannabis. Join us!

Guest: Jeremy Norrie