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Gareth Nock

Fitness Professional & Founder of Nock Academy

Starting in 1999, Gareth's fitness career has spanned 3 decades and 3 countries!

He brings a wealth of knowledge from many years as a coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and many leadership roles

He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, presented at multiple conventions and workshops, alongside coaching over 15,000 hours 'on the floor'!

Utilizing all these skills Gareth and Nicky, his wife founder and operate The Nock Academy - and online fitness training platform!

Mindset is a big part of fitness and Mindset is another passion Gareth weaves into everyday life!

Alongside fitness Gareth us also the co-founder and host of the We As... Podcast, where conversations are changing the world!!

A recipient of multiple 'Top Coach' awards and a regular on Global TV's fitness segments, Gareth brings his unique style and energy to everything he does!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 52 - We Are...Chaos & Conversation

July 8, 2021

Gareth Nock a fitness professional & founder of Nock Academy joins us to share his struggle to success story, chat about Imposter Syndrome and the challenges of parenting, coaching and of course Chaos!

Guest: Gareth Nock