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Dalton Johnson

Professional Adventure Photograper

The “funny” bio:

Most people refer to me as Dalton or Dalton Johnson, but I call myself ''the camera guy". Every day of my life is documented by photos and words, often spent swimming in the ocean -- ideally in big waves -- or struggling to breathe in the alpine with one, or two, of my closest friends. As the addiction to type 2 fun prevails, so do the campfire stories and s'mores. Sometimes, even though it's hard to believe, these campfire stories make their way into magazines, commercial ads, and have even won some awards! Now, that is pretty cool, right?

Along my journey of self-discovery, I fell in love with the ability to shape my future through creativity. As photography, writing, and adventure became a profession I realized self-reflection was key in honoring this one, precious life we all are uniquely living. From oceans to deserts to mountains, my ability to apply meaning to this natural world has lead to contributions of numerous galleries and written essays for outdoor brands, magazines, and NPOs.

My ultimate goal is to rewrite the American Dream by inspiring others to design their lifestyles through rigorous introspection to consciously consume experiences instead of things

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Episode 65 - Picture This, Hanging By A Thread ~ with Dalton Johnson

Sept. 29, 2021

We chat with Dalton Johnson, founder of Dalton Johnson Media, joins us to share about his career as a Professional Adventure Photographer!