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Episode 89 - The Official Moms Nite Out | Shannon Payton

March 10, 2022

Jozlyn & guest co-host Angela Cortez, chat with Shannon Payton, otherwise known as OfficialShannyPants on IG! Shannon shares her story of becoming a young wife, a mom, infertility struggles, adoption stories, surviving a cu…

Episode 87 - Creatives in the Now | Brett Belcastro - DJ 2nd Nature

Feb. 24, 2022

Jozlyn chats with fellow creative and friend, Brett Belcastro, aka Dj 2nd Nature about making space for being creative, finding a positive support system, connecting with others and staying healthy in mind/body as Creatives.

Episode 86 - One Foot Forward! | Raising Healthy Humans Pod Host Courtney McManus

Feb. 17, 2022

Jozlyn chats with Courtney McManus, the host of Raising Healthy Humans podcast and founder of Form Fit. They talk about how to make little changes daily, while keeping in mind the bigger picture!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 85 - Where in the World is Gaby? - Gabriela Borja

Feb. 10, 2022

Gaby shares about her worldly travels as a mom with her family!

The Chaos Keepers

Episode 88 - 4 Months Later | The Chaos Keepers

Feb. 3, 2022

Nikki & Jozlyn check in 4 months later!

Special Guest Pods Reoccurring Guests/Guest Hosts

Episode 84 - It's All in Your Hands. | The Purpose Whisperer - Jayne Sanders

Feb. 3, 2022

The Chaos Keeper, Jozlyn & Guest Co-Host, Fletch chat with The Purpose Whisperer, Jayne Sanders about how to find your master path, life purpose and so much more through a scientific hand really is all in your…

Guest: Jayne Sanders

Episode 83 - Becoming a Badass Woman | Gretchen Jackson

Jan. 27, 2022

The Chaos keeper, Jozlyn, chats with entrepreneur, author, coach, wife, mom & badass - Gretchen Jackson. Gretchen shares her story about going from teen mom to successful business owner, manifesting goals & finding your peo…

The Chaos Keepers

Episode 82 - Year of the Tiger | The Chaos Keepers

Jan. 20, 2022

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Nikki finally check in and share their Chaos from end 2021 & start of 2022! Jozlyn had a health hiccup, Nikki brings a "Florida man" article to discuss and all the everyday Chaos as well!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 81 - The Skeptic Meets Chaos - with The Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast - Will & Karen

Jan. 13, 2022

Jozlyn finally gets to meet The Skeptic Metaphysicians, Will & Karen! She is also joined by her voiceover buddy, Frankie Says. They chat and get to know more about Will & Karen who are the hosts of The Skeptic Metaphysicia…

The Chaos Keepers

Episode 80 - Bonus! From The Vault - with The Chaos Keepers

Jan. 6, 2022

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Ginger, check in the amidst of holiday Chaos and share their usual & everyday Chaos too!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 79 - Breathe Baby! ~ with Sabrina Palazzo, Self Healing with Sabs

Dec. 30, 2021

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Ginger, chat with Sabrina Palazzo, founder of Self Healing with Sabs. Jozlyn has mentioned breath work with Sabrina before and excited to share more about it!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 78 - We’re NOT Cancelled! ~ with Edward, host of Am I Cancelled? Podcast

Dec. 23, 2021

The Chaos Keepers chat with Edward, the host of Am I Cancelled? podcast...Nikki & Ginger finally get to confront Edward about his original review of our podcast!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 77 - Forensic Doctoring, Naturo Average Doc ~ with Dr. Erin Ellis

Dec. 16, 2021

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Ginger, chat with Dr. Erin Ellis NMD, who is a Naturopathic doctor & host of the Hope Natural Health Podcast! We discuss many things around women's health like - gut health, hormones, cramps, ene…

Episode 76 - I Love My Kids But I Don't Always Like Them! ~ Franki Bagdade

Dec. 9, 2021

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Ginger chat with Franki Bagdade, founder of FAAB Consulting & author! She shared about her new book that’s pretty relatable & parenting advice you actually want!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 75 - Reinvent Yourself! ~ with Frankie Says!

Dec. 2, 2021

The Chaos Keeper, Jozlyn, is joined by her VO Buddy, Frankie Says! They chat about reinventing yourself and not letting fear stop you from making great things happen!

Guest: Frankie Says
Trailer Episode

Season 2 Trailer - Follow the Chaos | with The Chaos Keepers!

Nov. 25, 2021

Welcome to Keeping Up With Chaos Podcast! What are we all about.?!? We are The Chaos Keepers, who love to share our usual & everyday Chaos with you. Plus we have interesting conversations with all different friends & gues…

The Chaos Keepers

Episode 74 - Thank You Turkey! ~ The Chaos Keepers

Nov. 25, 2021

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Ginger chat about what they are grateful for! The holidays are upon us! Cheers!

Episode 72 - It's All Chaos! ~ with Tracy Kenela

Nov. 18, 2021

It is ALL Chaos! Tracy Kenela, licensed Mental Health Councilor and host of Calming the Chaos joins us for...Chaos & Conversation!

Guest: Tracy Kenela
Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode - It's Always Chaos! ~ The Chaos Keepers

Nov. 17, 2021

It's bonus time! We chat ahead of our conversation with Tracy Kenela, Episode 72 - It's ALL Chaos!

Guest: Tracy Kenela
Special Guest Pods

Episode 71 - Mental Health: Can You Keep a Secret? ~ with Michelle Anhang

Nov. 11, 2021

Michelle Anhang joins us for Chaos & Conversation!

Special Guest Pods

Episode 70 - Cosmic Winebots! ~ with Adeena Mignogna

Nov. 4, 2021

Adeena Mignogna a software engineer, self-proclaimed space/science/robot geek & author of 'Crazy Foolish Robots' joins us to chat all things space & robots!

The Chaos Keepers

Episode 69 - Just Ginger ~ with The Chaos Keepers

Oct. 28, 2021

The Chaos Keepers hang out, well just Ginger & Jozlyn tonight! Ginger has South Park theme song on the brain. Jozlyn is a Baby Grandma!

Episode 68 - The Big BAD Crocodile! ~ with Sarah K Ramsey

Oct. 21, 2021

The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Nikki, chat with Sarah K Ramsey about how to Toxic Person Proof.

Special Guest Pods

Episode 67 - Rebel With A Cause ~ with Jennifer Cairns

Oct. 14, 2021

Jennifer Cairns joins us to chat about Neurodiversity and life as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, author & all the usual & everyday Chaos!