Jan. 14, 2021

Yes, And...Just Roll With It!

Yes, And...Just Roll With It!

Tonight Ian joins us for Chaos, Conversation & Cocktails!

Episode 24 - Yes. And. Just Roll With It!

Tonights episode, Jozlyn & Nikki are joined by Ian, all the way from Vegas baby!  We chat with Ian about life in Vegas - now and before, Improv, Voiceovers, past lives in radio, the Food & Beverage Industry in Vegas, subscription of issues, just roll with it, daddy issues, let's make a deal...some wild stories from an insiders point of view in Vegas and of course everyday chaos.  Cheers!

Guest Info -
Ian has been in the Food & Beverage Industry, out in Vegas, for over 20 years.  He is in Improv, Voiceovers, used to be in radio and loves his dogs, who are his whole world!

Guest Links -
IG - https://instagram.com/iss702
Tic Tok - Edawgydawg1
Improv - https://www.vegastheatrehub.com/contact
Voiceover - https://www.thevoiceactorstudio.com

Host Info -
Jozlyn - former On-air Radio Personality, turned wannabe Podcaster...who is a wife, boy mom, dog mom, loves to workout, drink coffee (& Vodka), and reads books in her spare time.
Nikki - former "Bar Stool Thrower", who has a real job, turned wannabe Podcaster...who is a girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer, loves True Crime TV, rollercoasters & the occasional margarita.   

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Website - https://keepingupwithchaos.net
Joz IG - https://instagram.com/hippy_hot_wing
Nikki IG - https://instagram.com/stone_cold_gemini

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Ian lives in Vegas and has been in the Food & Bev Industry for 20+ years there. He has been apart of Nationally Syndicated radio show, is in Improv, now starting Voiceovers, worked on the Vegas strip at popular hotels & restaurants and was even on Price is Right back in the day. His whole world revolves around his dogs, Busta & Luna ,who are his life.