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Oct. 29, 2020

Episode 14 - Toxic Friends

Episode 14 - Toxic Friends
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Episode 14 - Toxic Friends

Jozlyn & Nikki are joined by the Blond Bomb Shell or aka BB.  They discuss toxic friendships and share their own personal experience with toxic people as co-workers and friends.  Nikki shares her scary encounter with a giant spider while on location! We are not professionals, but we do love sharing our everyday chaos with you!  Let's see where the conversation take us tonight!  Cheers!

Guest  Info -Ms. Blond Bomb Shell, aka BB.

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Meet Your Hosts:
Jozlyn - Former On-Air Personality, turned wannabe Podcaster.  Who loves coffee (&Vodka), is a wife, boy mom, dog mom, & tries to read book in her spare time.

Nikki- Former "Bar Stool Thrower", turned wannabe Podcaster, who actually has a grown-up job, girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer & loves rollercoasters, True Crime TV & margaritas.





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Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka, Cheers!
Jozyln & Nikki

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Ms Blond Bombshell (or BB)

The Blond Bombshell