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Feb. 2, 2023

SEASON 4 - Trailer | Jozlyn Rocki - Host

SEASON 4 - Trailer | Jozlyn Rocki - Host

Welcome to the Chaos table!  This is a podcast about all of life's Chaos!
Why Not?!?  Chaos is Universal...

Whether it's big or small, dramatic or funny...makes us laugh or cry or scream out loud in frustration - We all have it!

Here everyone is welcome!  Every conversation has a place at the Chaos table, amongst new & old friends.  Nothing is impossible to chat about! 
(Except we tend to shy away from Politics & Religion.  Too much out there already!)

So, I'm Jozlyn, the host.  I'm so happy you decided to join us and happy you are here!  I'm the one steering this conversation..or like Nikki would say I'm "steering the Chaos ship!"!  And I'm bringing on all different friends, from all over, to jump into the mix and be my Co-Host!  Even Nikki randomly graces us with her Chaos, with our check-in style episodes.  LOL!  It's Chaos!

So come hang out with us!  Go ahead & grab a chair, hit the sidewalk for a walk, crank up the car speakers...or pop in your ear buds & let's get this convo going!  
Keeping Up With Chaos Podcast launches a NEW episode every other Wednesday at 8pm EST.  

This season, Season 4, we are all about highlighting Creatives, and fellow Podcasters, to hear more about their story and maybe a little bit of Chaos too!

We are everywhere on Social, but we mostly hang out on IG & FB.  So come check us out!  Or email us at if you have a story to share...or just wanna say hi! 

Don't forget to share us, because when you share, we organically grow & so do our podcasting friends!  We'll catch you on the flip side.  Cheers! 

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