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July 28, 2022

Season 3, Episode 104 - License to Podcast | Jozlyn & Gaby

Season 3, Episode 104 - License to Podcast | Jozlyn & Gaby

Gaby and Jozlyn check in, chat and share Chaos. They touch on the Johnny Depp continued public drama, raising boys nowadays, what is on your license and what the heck did Man Babe eat?

Season 3 - Episode 104:

Jozlyn & Gaby check in, after a guest had to reschedule last min, and share their everyday Chaos... They chat about the worries of raising boys nowadays, what in the world did Man Babe eat?, drivers license epiphany, and then they touch on where they are at in the voiceover world.   Plus they share a new & exciting adventure they started with their voiceover buddies! 

Follow the Chaos here -

Podcast Audio drama Jozlyn was casted on -
*IF you are a scaredy-cat, like Joz, you can fast forward to last few mins of pod to hear her part! LOL.   

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