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May 26, 2022

Season 3 - Episode 100 - Our 100th Episode! | OG Nikki & Special K

Season 3 - Episode 100 - Our 100th Episode! | OG Nikki & Special K

Join us for a special edition of Keeping Up With Chaos for our 100th Episode!

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Season 3  kicks off this week!!!!

Nikki joins Jozlyn to check in and celebrate, or at least cheers, 100 episodes of Chaos!  Also, a very special guest, Special K, joins us and has been with us from the very beginning, just behind the scenes until tonight.  She gets to ask us whatever questions she wants to ask and we have to answer, seeing she is our "manager"!  So buckle up for your weekly dose of Chaos & Conversation!

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*Expect more Chaos every OTHER Wednesday in Season 3 and continuing the Conversation with interesting guests!!!!  

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