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March 9, 2023

S4, EP 119 - What's Yer Weird Chaos | Adam Beeby & Barry Johnston

S4, EP 119 - What's Yer Weird Chaos | Adam Beeby & Barry Johnston

What's Yer Weird Story?!? Everyone has 1 story to tell, which is what Hosts Adam Beeby & Barry Johnston believe! Here we find out why they started their pod & what kind of weird have they encountered. It might all start with Aliens! Even Jozlyn shares a ghost story or two!

Back for more Chaos with Jozlyn and guest co-host Ian!  This week these two voice actors chit chat & share a few updates about voiceover & randomness...Why does Ian think La Croix tastes like television static?  What is Jozlyn doing to her voiceover website?  Who the heck is running this show anyways?  So many answers answered...PLUS, What's Yer Weird Story podcast with Adam Beeby & Barry Johnston join us to chat about all the things that are weird & maybe some Chaos too! 

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The Unofficial Official Story Podcast -  What are “they” not telling us? We’ll find out, figure out, and, when all else fails, make up the missing pieces to some of the most scandalous conspiracies, unexplained phenomena...Join comedian Dwayne Perkins, writer Koji Steven Sakai, and actress Jennifer Field every month and by the end of each episode, we’ll tell you what’s really…maybe…happening.  Listen here - https://unofficia

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Ian lives in Vegas and has been in the Food & Bev Industry for 20+ years there. He has been apart of Nationally Syndicated radio show, is in Improv, now starting Voiceovers, worked on the Vegas strip at popular hotels & restaurants and was even on Price is Right back in the day. His whole world revolves around his dogs, Busta & Luna ,who are his life.

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Adam Beeby & Barry Johnston

Hosts of Whats Yer Weird Podcast