From the Booth & Beyond
Jan. 12, 2023

S3, EP 115 - From The Booth And Beyond Joins Chaos! - Angela, Frankie, Gaby & Lloyd

S3, EP 115 - From The Booth And Beyond Joins Chaos!  - Angela, Frankie, Gaby & Lloyd

This is a crossover episode...with Jozlyn bringing on the whole crew - From The Booth And Beyond Podcast! They discuss why they started this new podcast, how they came together and decided to start their journeys in voiceover and so much more!

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It's a New Year and nothing says Chaos, then having a whole crowd to chat on this weeks conversation!  This weeks Chaos, the whole crew  who host From The Booth And Beyond Podcast joins us!  Angela Cortez, Frankie Mateo, Gaby Borja and Lloyd Waller, along with Jozlyn, all come together to  share how & why they started this brand new podcast!  Also, they discuss how life is short, how slowing down brought them closer to finding what is really important, and if you aren't happy...finding places to improve or make the changes to be happy are so important!  This is one of the reasons they all decided to jump into the great wide world of voice over a few years ago and why they're sharing their voice over journeys from the very beginning on From The Booth And Beyond Podcast! 

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Gabriela BorjaProfile Photo

Gabriela Borja

Gaby is a wife, mom, daughter, friend & aspiring voiceover actor, who travels the world with her husband & son while they experience new cultures, people, food, music, art & languages!

Frankie Says LinesProfile Photo

Frankie Says Lines

Assistant Producer

Frankie Says Lines is a up & coming On-Camera Actor

Angela CortezProfile Photo

Angela Cortez

Production Assistant

Angela Cortez is a IHeart Radio Personality for Sunny 106.5fm, along with several other stations. She is originally from Colorado, a single mom raising a son, coparenting, and resides in Vegas...who is currently following her dreams, studying to be a voiceover artist at The Voice Actors Studio where she & Jozlyn met.