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Nov. 3, 2022

S3 | Ep 111 - Finding the JOY Again | Laurie Wondra

S3 | Ep 111  - Finding the JOY Again | Laurie Wondra

Laurie Wondra, founder of Your Life Core and host of Messages from the Universe podcast, joins us to chat about the energies of October moving into November and how we can all find the Joy in life again.

Jozlyn chats with Laurie Wondra, host of Message from The Universe podcast and founder of Your Life Core.  They chat about finding the Joy in life again. Laurie shares about how kids are typically more open to energy than adults , how to create more Joy in your life, listening to the healing hertz 528hz , she connects with my two labs,  the energy of October & how the Lunar eclipse this month affects us.

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Laurie Wondra, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Metaphysical and Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Executive Consultant

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Laurie Wondra

Messages from the Universe Podcast & Owner of Your Life Core

Messages from the Universe Podcast and owner of Your Life Core. Gifted Psychic Medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Author/Teacher Laurie Wondra provides readings, connection with loved ones, and energy healings.