From the Booth & Beyond
Sept. 8, 2022

S3 | Ep 107 - Constantly Living in the "RE" - The Highly Sensitive CEO, Kellie Daab

S3 | Ep 107 - Constantly Living in the

The Highly Sensitive CEO, Kellie Daab joins us to share about how she discovered her new path being a Sensitive, helping others to Reinvent, Realign, find peace, Restore & Reclaim their life & business!

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This episode we chat with Kellie Daab, otherwise known as The Highly Sensitive CEO.  She is a successful & creative business gal, wife, mom and is a Highly Sensitive Person.  Kellie helps other HSP in business reset, reclaim  and restore their peace, business & life

Guest Info -Kellie Daab - The Highly Sensitive CEO. Kellie helps highly sensitive entrepreneurs reset their business and reclaim their peace. Kellie transformed her life and her business by embracing her sensitivities and now she helps other business owners do the same.

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Kellie DaabProfile Photo

Kellie Daab

The Highly Sensitive CEO

Kellie Daab is the Highly Sensitive CEO. After working in the creative industry for her entire career, Kellie couldn’t understand why she felt different from other entrepreneurs. Despite running a highly successful education business, speaking on dozens of stages, and winning multiple awards - Kellie still felt something was “wrong with her”. She set out to determine why she felt overwhelmed and unfilled in business and life. That’s when she discovered HSP and the traits of a highly sensitive person. Kellie went on a quest to find a new way of living and working. Since then, Kellie has completely reset her business and reclaimed her peace. Now, she helps other highly sensitive entrepreneurs do the same through consulting, education, and slowpreneurship.