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May 18, 2023

S 4, Ep 128 - Audio Gems | Jodi Krangle

S 4, Ep 128 - Audio Gems | Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle has entered the chat! Jodi is a Voice Over artist, musician, podcast host, and so much more. After working in computer sales, SEO, and Marketing, Jodi found her way into VO and has achieved incredible success working for companies and brands we have all heard of. This is a conversation you won't want to miss!

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Jozlyn & Gaby chat with voicer Jodi Krangle! Joz and Jodi met and bonded at Podfest 2023. Jodi is a voice over artist, self-taught and self-proclaimed computer nerd, a musician (Filker to be exact), and a podcast host! We take it all the way back to how Jodi got her start in computer sales and software and how that led her to an entirely different creative world. We also talk about how she gained extensive knowledge about SEO and Marketing and how she made the switch to Voice Over in 2007. Since, she has done work in the healthcare, corporate, hospitality, political, and non-profit sectors, among others. And some of her clients include, Dell, Bose, Subway, Bissell, Unisom, HGTV, and more. We go into VO beginnings, audio, accents, branding, and so much more. This was a very interesting conversation that was filled with nuggets of great information and advice for voicers and performers in general.

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Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle is a Toronto based voice actor who works with major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA, HGTV, Nespresso & Kraft. She's been heard in thousands of your favorite commercials and on your favorite brand websites too. Her voice has been described as warm, friendly and comforting with a hint of gravitas, and coupled with her years of professional work in sound, will take your project to the next level.

On her podcast "Audio Branding", she and her guests offer advice on making an impact with sound and how sound influences us - both in our buying decisions and our daily lives. Being a sought after voice over talent, Jodi understands The Power of Sound. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Clubhouse and check out her website at