From the Booth & Beyond
May 11, 2023

S 4 | EP 127 - You're Your Own Roadblock | Creative Chaos

S 4 | EP 127 - You're Your Own Roadblock | Creative Chaos

We get deep in our feelings with this one as we discuss, among many things, self-acceptance and the idea that often times we sabotage ourselves by getting in the way of our goals. How do we deal with the part of our personality which deliberately interferes with our own success?

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Relaunched episode from Podcast merger - Originally from 2022

Coming from Jozlyn's tiny closet studio! We are celebrating Jozlyn being demo ready, it is all about celebrating victories along the journey. We talk about embracing changes as Angela and Frankie consider a move back home and what that means for their VO career. We also discuss how to prepare for unexpected, and/or expected, expenses throughout your career, specifically as you are starting out as you want to put your best foot forward and incrementally upgrade your equipment. We touch on what led us to VO and what our "big picture" goals are and it gets surprisingly deep as we discuss self-acceptance and issues that do not allow us to move forward and how we often act as our own roadblock. We gotta Flip the Script! Be kind to yourself.

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