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May 4, 2023

S 4, Ep 126 - The Shanny Pants Show & Chaos | Shannon Peyton

S 4, Ep 126 - The Shanny Pants Show & Chaos | Shannon Peyton

ShannyPants is back! Shannon Payton is a content creator and podcaster who has generated many viral moments as she shares her humor throughout her social media platforms. This time around, we talk all about her new podcast, current chaos, and how her socials got hacked and how this unfortunate event impacted her life. You don't want to miss this one.

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Shannon Payton joins us again!  Her first episode with us Ep 42 - The Official Moms Nite Out was our #1 episode of 2022!  So we thought we definitely need to have Shannon back on & hear all about her new podcast!  Plus she shares with us about how her Socials got hacked and how this impacted her life.  Of course all the regular, everyday Chaos is shared as well! 

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Shannon Payton

Wife, Mom, Friend, Realtor, Comedian, Cult Survivor, Social Media Influencer, White Claw enthusiast & Wavemaker