From the Booth & Beyond
April 27, 2023

S 4, EP 125 - Bonus: Personality Test Part 2

S 4, EP 125 - Bonus: Personality Test Part 2

Some people have a great personality, while others... Well, the point is that everyone has an innate set of qualities that forms their distinctive character. In an effort to dig deeper about the "stuff" that makes us, we took a personality test to identify our own personal set of traits, how it affects how we navigate the world, and approach not only our VO career, but also dating and other aspects of our lives.

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Relaunch from Pod Merger!

Bonus:  Personality Test Part 2 - Jozlyn has done her hair and is wearing make-up, a rare occurrence, preparing for a possible night out on the town. Angela has very romantic ideas of the rain. We realize Angela has muted everyone! Lloyd had his wisdom teeth take out but he is doing well. Stay ahead of the pain! We start by discussing the personality test results from last time and then we go into Frankie and Angela's results. Jozlyn and Lloyd have a disagreement when it comes to rules and their personality types are showing! Everyone is turbulent except for Coach Gaby and, after hearing the definition that Lloyd found, it one hundred percent rings true for us. We are all introverts except for Jozlyn and no one was surprised by that.  We discuss how your personality traits can be applied to your voice over career. We also discuss how we can flip some of these "negative" traits and look at them through a positive lens. Then we get into a very interesting conversation about how it affects dating and other aspects of life. Angela shares her experience going on a first date in a while. Takeaway: "The real sentence is everything before the but" - Angela  "How do you moan like an elf?" - Gaby

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