From the Booth & Beyond
April 20, 2023

S 4, Ep 123 - Cultivating, Curating, Connecting Brands | CXG Brett Langolf

S 4, Ep 123 - Cultivating, Curating, Connecting Brands | CXG Brett Langolf

What exactly is Content Socialization? Wanna learn more? Well, join us as Joz and Gaby chat with Brett Langolf. Brett is the CEO of Content Experience Group (CXG). A marketing firm that specializes in film and digital content production and platform-centric experiences that tell a client's story and connect people to organizations and brands. All this and a generous serving of Chaos make for an exciting listening experience.

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The dynamic and the one who says he "never stands still", Brett Langolf joins us this week at the Chaos table!  Brett Langolf is the CEO of Content Experience Group (or CXG) which is a full-service marketing communications firm that specializes in digital and video content experience production.   We  chat about how & why Brett started CXG and how he collaborates, cultivates, curates and connects brands with what he says is the ultimate goal...customers!  Of course all the usual and every day Chaos that Gaby and Jozlyn share! 

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Brett LangolfProfile Photo

Brett Langolf

Principle - Chief Hype Officer at contentEXP Group

With 25+ years of experience in advertising and marketing, I started my career in Hollywood and later created the contentEXP Group - a full-service marketing communications firm. I have led client-side team for Abbott Labs and launched Jack Daniels TV spots in China, ran multiple Coca-Cola Super Bowl campaigns, worked for multiple AdAge Agencies of the Year, won awards for a Box of Doughnuts and International Film Festivals for a Short Documentary Film. I am also the Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization More Kids On Sailboats. I hold a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. I also have post-graduate credentials as a Certified Manager of Exhibits and Healthcare, and have taught Entrepreneur courses in Social Media & Content Marketing as an Adjunct Professor.