From the Booth & Beyond
Dec. 22, 2022

S 3, Ep 114 - Holiday Chaos with a Side of Carpe Diem | Check In w/ Nikki - The Chaos Keepers

S 3, Ep 114 - Holiday Chaos with a Side of Carpe Diem | Check In w/ Nikki - The Chaos Keepers

The holidays are upon us and life still goes on. Nikki is back to share her behind the scenes Chaos, maybe she is The Chaos!?! Jozlyn of course brings the kid & Man Babe Chaos. Then all the usual and everyday life Chaos around the holidays. Cheers!

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This week Nikki is back for a Holiday 2022 check in!  She shares her family chaos with us and how sometimes holidays can be a time to celebrate but also a tough time if you lose a important person in your life.  Jozlyn bring the kid chaos and Man Babe chaos per usual.  A few highlights of this episodes Chaos & Conversation goes like this....Cow balls, pets know, holiday mood, losing a family member around the holidays, Man Babe and lights obsession, Jozlyn's new tattoos are a hit with the old men, Cowgirl Nikki and her farmers, Nikki has a Pam & Jozlyn doesn't, Jozlyn finally drags the Christmas tree down and is a Grinch, Carpe Diem...Life is short so enjoy the people you love and have some fun.  

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