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Oct. 20, 2022

S 3, EP 110 - Aftermath of Hurricane Ian & Local Florida Relief Efforts | Lisa

S 3, EP 110 - Aftermath of Hurricane Ian & Local Florida Relief Efforts | Lisa

Lisa shares how she helped connect, organize and raise awareness in the SW Florida community after Hurricane Ian.

This week The Chaos Keepers chat with Lisa, who is  one of the many helping to connect the dots, organize and create opportunities to help  people in SW Florida,  who've been severely affected by Hurricane Ian.  The very first few days after the hurricane cleared, Lisa helped organize a donation drop-off along with an  Amazon donation list for much needed items, for all the amazing Line Men who came to Florida,  from all over the US, to help restore power and more.  Many women, moms, families who were less impacted, banned together to bring flats of Gatorade, dry goods, sunscreen and help with laundry.   Now after only a few weeks have passed, thousands of residents in SW Florida are still without power, under boil water advisories, homes demolished, much of their personal belongs washed away, simple everyday items gone and Lisa's efforts have shifted.  She is now helping to bring those who have lost everything, everyday items like towels, sheets, toiletries, batteries and simple, comfort items so they can have a little piece of normalcy in all the chaos, while they try to rebuild or survive what is left.   The impact of Hurricane Ian has left a very wide ripple effect, that spreads throughout SW Florida, up and down the Coast, especially the areas impacted by the eye of the storm and beyond.  Many that were lucky,  now may not have a job due to how many hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches are destroyed.  The Hospitality industry is huge here in Florida, is now  going to affect many families lives, as  many places have been wiped off the map and "Season" is about to start. 

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SW Florida local Hurricane Ian Amazon Wish List -

If you are inspired to help in any donating items to those impacted by Hurricane Ian, a local mom, and first responders wife, is teaming up with other moms & groups here locally, to raise awareness for much needed supplies for those who have been and still struggling to rec...

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A mutual friend of Nikki & Jozlyn who makes us laugh & shares her decision to under go a full mommy job!