From the Booth & Beyond
Oct. 15, 2020

Episode 12 - My Kid Cusses!

Episode 12 - My Kid Cusses!
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Episode 12- My Kid Cusses

Jozlyn & Nikki hold their bi-weekly check in & touch base on all the things... Why does Nikki love True Crime? Hot topics like the "debate" (which happened a little bit ago) - Kanye for Prez? DON'T worry, we don't get all political! Pinky promise. We chat about swearing birds! Total transparency, MY kid cusses (I guess the saying "the apple, doesn't fall far from the tree", could apply here). Then we touch on what we actually say to our people, in our household, on a daily "Are you FREAKING kidding me?" comes out of Nikki's mouth a lot! AND, shocking, Jozlyn is a push over.  Of course, we share weird animal encounters for your listening entertainment! Cheers and let's see where this conversation take us!

Meet you hosts ~
Jozylyn - Former On-Air Radio Personality, turned wannabe Podcaster.  Loves coffee (& Vodka), wife, boy mom, dog mom & reads books in her spare time. 
Nikki - Former "bar stool thrower", turned wannabe Podcaster, who actually has a grown-up job, girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer, & loves rollercoasters, True Crime TV & Margaritas!

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Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka, Cheers!

~Jozlyn & Nikki