From the Booth & Beyond
Aug. 15, 2020

Episode 2 - Meet Keeping Up With Chaos

Episode 2 - Meet Keeping Up With Chaos

A longer version of the why, how, what of why we started Keeping Up With Chaos, originally!
Going on 3 years, over 100 episodes and more Chaos shared than we ever expected...if you are NEW to this podcast check out our latest version of our Trailer located at the top of our website! Things have definitely evolved since these first few episodes!

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Episode 2 - Jozlyn & Nikki continue their conversation about the making of Keeping Up With Chaos podcast. "What the heck are we doing?" ...but of course get off track, again, as all conversations do...Cheers! 

Get to know your hosts:
Jozlyn- former On-Air Radio Personality turned wannabe podcaster, wife, boy mom, dog mom, chaos coordinator, producer, who loves to workout, drink coffee (& vodka) and tries to read books in her spare time.

Nikki- former "bar stool thrower" turned Professional Working Grownup, wannabe podcaster, girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer, who loves true crime tv, roller coasters & margaritas.

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Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka. Cheers!
~Jozlyn & Nikki