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Nov. 5, 2020

Episode 15 - Size Does Matter!

Episode 15 - Size Does Matter!

Lisa joins us to share about her experience going through what some say is the "Mommy job" and why she chose to dive into plastic surgery.

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Episode 15 - Size Does Matter!

Jozlyn & Nikki are joined by their mutual friend, Lisa, to chat about plastic surgery.  Size Does Matter, let's talk boobs!  This episode is all about 3 women making  similar choices, for 3  very different reasons.  Plastic surgery can be personal, on so many levels.  All 3 women, had 3 very different surgeries, with 3 different experiences. Tune in Tokyo!  Who knew about nipples and their role in plastic surgery?  What can you expect once you have surgery?  How big should you go?  Some love boobs, some don't love big boobs...what size is best for you and your bod? How do the husbands feel about these changes?  Mommy Job or Mommy Makeover anyone!   Once you decide plastic surgery is for you, Lisa shared her experience about finding a surgeon & how to go about research. These questions, and more, are shared in tonights conversation!  Thanks for joining & cheers!

Guest Info- Lisa, mom of 3, who wants her pre-baby bod back and isn't ashamed to share it! 

Hosts Info:
Jozlyn - Former On-Air Radio Personality, turned wannabe podcaster, who is a wife, boy mom, dog mom, loves coffee (& vodka) who tries to read books in her spare time
Nikki - Former "bar stool thrower" now grown-up with a job, who is girl mom, dog mom, an amateur photographer, loves rollercoasters, True Crime Tv & margaritas.

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Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka, Cheers!
Jozlyn & Nikki

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A mutual friend of Nikki & Jozlyn who makes us laugh & shares her decision to under go a full mommy job!