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April 21, 2022

Episode 95 - Astro Parenting | Maria Riegger

Episode 95 - Astro Parenting | Maria Riegger

Maria Riegger, Lawyer by day, Astrologist by night...Joins us to chat about Positive Parenting along with knowing your children's astrological charts to help navigate parenting, can help you become a better parent!

Tonight, Jozlyn with guest co-host Carmen, chat with Maria Riegger...who is a Lawyer by day and an Astrologer by night!  They chat about Astro parenting and how using Astrology as another tool in the parenting tool belt, can help us better understand our relationships with our children in a positive way!  Plus all the usual & everyday Chaos!

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Maria Riegger is a lawyer by day and an astrologer by day, author & mom

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Maria Riegger

Maria is a Lawyer by day and an Astrologist by night who helps parents Positively parent through the knowledge of knowing their own kids astrological charts.