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Feb. 10, 2022

Episode 85 - Where in the World is Gaby? - Gabriela Borja

Episode 85 - Where in the World is Gaby? - Gabriela Borja

Gaby shares about her worldly travels as a mom with her family!

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The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn and Guest Co-Host, Frankie Says, chat with their mutual voiceover friend, Gabriela!  Gabriela is their "Bohemian" friend,  who travels the world , while raising her family on the go.  We chat with Gaby about how she,  her husband, along with their son, travel the world together to experience life, cultures, people, art, music and more!  Where in the World is Gaby?  Plus all the everyday and usual Chaos!  Cheers!

The Chaos Keepers - Jozlyn with Guest Co-Host Frankie Says

Guest Info: Gabriela Borja 
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Gabriela BorjaProfile Photo

Gabriela Borja

Gaby is a wife, mom, daughter, friend & aspiring voiceover actor, who travels the world with her husband & son while they experience new cultures, people, food, music, art & languages!

Frankie Says LinesProfile Photo

Frankie Says Lines

Assistant Producer

Frankie Says Lines is a up & coming On-Camera Actor