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Dec. 30, 2021

Episode 79 - Breathe Baby! ~ with Sabrina Palazzo, Self Healing with Sabs

Episode 79 - Breathe Baby! ~ with Sabrina Palazzo, Self Healing with Sabs

The Chaos Keepers chat with Sabrina Palazzo, founder of Self Healing with Sabs. Jozlyn has mentioned breath work with Sabrina before and excited to share more about it!

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The Chaos Keepers chat with Sabrina Palazzo, who is the founder of Self Healing with Sabs.  Tonight we chat about what does breath work mean?  Sabrina shares her journey about how she found her calling in breath work.  Then we learn how this modality of self-care helps & allows you to heal from the inside out, connect with higher self, find clarity, set intentions & take the time to hold  space for yourself.  Jozlyn has been taking breath work with Sabrina for a bit now and is excited to share this conversation with you! 

Sabrina Palazzo website - for breath work


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Sabrina Palazzo

Sabrina Palazzo is a mindset + energy coach, and certified breathwork facilitator. In 2020, Sabrina lost her father-in-law and her dad to cancer within one month of each other, which became the catalyst for her own personal development journey. Using the methods she teaches today, she evolved from unmotivated & depressed to starting her own business and practicing daily tactics that rewired her subconscious, elevated her energy, and manifested the life she has always wanted to live. It is Sabrina's mission to educate women on the power of their minds & energy so they can take full control of their lives, shift out of their pain and into their power, and make great changes that actually last.