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July 29, 2021

Episode 56 - Perseverance for the Win!

Episode 56 - Perseverance for the Win!

Kari shares about how a few major life events changed her life path, for the good but not without doing the "heavy lifting" & leaning in on perspective, positive attitude, perseverance & being informed.

Episode 56 - Perseverance for the Win!

Kari Cross, an old friend of Jozlyn's, joins us tonight to share her story of self-preservation, perseverance, positive attitude, getting informed, doing the hard work, keep going when faced with giant hurdles & NOT asking why me in the midst of it all. She experienced two major life events in the recent year, that altered the trajectory of her path but sometimes shit happens and you have to just keep moving forward.  Of course, all the usual & everyday Chaos too.  Cheers!

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Guest Info:
Kari Cross - Mom to 3 amazing kids, Nurse assistant/Telemetry certified, daughter, friend  & a writer of poetry.

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Kari Cross

Mom to 3 amazing kids, Nurse assistant, Telemetry certified, friend, daughter and writer of poetry