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Nov. 17, 2021

Bonus Episode - It's Always Chaos! ~ The Chaos Keepers

Bonus Episode - It's Always Chaos! ~ The Chaos Keepers

It's bonus time! We chat ahead of our conversation with Tracy Kenela, Episode 72 - It's ALL Chaos!

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Bonus Time! The Chaos Keepers, Jozlyn & Nikki , wait for Ginger to join the party and get ready for their guest Tracy Kenela!  Tracy is a licensed Mental Health Counselor & host of Calming the Chaos podcast.  Listen to the full chat with Tracy  & the ladies on Episode 72 - It's ALL Chaos, which launches this Wednesday 11/17 at 8pm EDT.   In the meantime, Jozlyn shares her Man Babe & Kid chaos, Nikki shares a hilarious story & what the heck happened to Ginger?!?  Plus all the usual & everyday Chaos!

Hold the Sugar, Pass the Vodka, Cheers!
~The Chaos Keepers - Jozlyn, Nikki, & Ginger

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Tracy Kenela

Tracy Kenela is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist in Olympia, Washington. She is also the host of Calming the Chaos Podcast, where she interviews a variety of professionals around the world in an effort to find different ways to help people (and herself!) find peace in a chaotic world. Each episode contains Information, tips, tools, and resources that come from different schools of thought, and are presented as a fun and entertaining way to help you move toward a more peaceful and enjoyable life.