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Jan. 26, 2023

Bonus | # 1 Episode of 2022 - S2, EP 89 - The Official Moms Nite Out | Shannon Payton

Bonus | # 1 Episode of 2022 - S2, EP 89 - The Official Moms Nite Out | Shannon Payton

This is our #1 Podcast Episode from 2022! Shannon Payton who is also known on Social as The Shanny Pants and now has her own podcast The Shanny Pants Show!

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Thought we'd revisit our #1 episode of 2022 this week!

Thought this would be a nice way to wrap up Season 3, as we head into Season 4! Coming soon!  More Chaos is on the way, as we welcome more cool guests and awesome Conversation to the Chaos table!  

Which happens to be Episode 89 - The Official Moms Nite Out with Shannon Payton. 

This was a fun, but also serious, conversation with Shannon about her life as a cult survivor, adoption, being a new mom, raising a family with her hubby and now she has her own podcast! 

Thanks for a great 2022 and thanks for sticking with the Chaos in 2023! 


The Shanny Pants Show -

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Shannon PaytonProfile Photo

Shannon Payton

Wife, Mom, Friend, Realtor, Comedian, Cult Survivor, Social Media Influencer, White Claw enthusiast & Wavemaker

Angela CortezProfile Photo

Angela Cortez

Production Assistant

Angela Cortez is a IHeart Radio Personality for Sunny 106.5fm, along with several other stations. She is originally from Colorado, a single mom raising a son, coparenting, and resides in Vegas...who is currently following her dreams, studying to be a voiceover artist at The Voice Actors Studio where she & Jozlyn met.